Build Credit History
with a Debit Card.

Extra is the first debit card that builds credit & earns rewards just like a credit card.

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Extra does not check your credit score!

What Can Better
Credit Get You.

Toyota Corolla / 72 months / $25,000
Is paying $6,000+ more for the same car
Person 1
Credit Score:
Interest Rate:
Total Payments Made:
Person 2
Credit Score:
Interest Rate:
Total Payments Made:

Person 2 ends up saving $6,000+ on the same car!

*According to Experian's State of the Automotive
Finance Market 2020.

How Does It Work?


Sign up by connecting your bank account, and we give you a spending limit based on your bank balance with no credit check.


When you swipe your Extra Card, we spot you for that purchase and automatically pay ourselves back the next business day.


At the end of the month, we total up all of your transactions made with Extra and report them to credit bureaus as credit worthy purchases.

Build Credit,
Earn Points,
Keep Your Bank.

Every purchase helps build your credit score.

Earn points and redeem them in our rewards store.

Connects to your existing bank account.

No Credit Checks or Interest Fees.

It’s your money. We don't need to check your credit or charge interest just to let you spend it.

But What About 'Secured' Cards?

  • ✅ No deposit required
  • ✅ No interest or hidden fees
  • ✅ Full impact on credit score
  • ✅ Earn Reward Points
Secured Card
  • ❌ Deposit required
  • ❌ Charges up to 17% interest
  • ❌ Limited impact on credit score
  • ❌ No Reward Points

What Members Are Saying...

Building credit history
one transaction at a time.

Abhay A.
Age 24, Georgia
My score is up almost 100 points  since I first started using Extra. I recommend it to my friends, especially those that are just getting started with their credit journey.”
Emily P.
Age 27, Texas
“Extra has been a game changer for me. My credit was so bad that it was in the lower 400s in September of 2020. It’s now February 2021 and my credit score has  risen to nearly 600!
Leo M.
Age 33, New York
“I have had Extra for 4 months now and my individual reporting has  bumped over 25 points,  helping my score go above 750.”


Why Extra exist?

Today, over 100 million Americans don't want or can't get a credit card... and we understand why! Credit cards come with cons. Like overspending, high interest rates, inaccessibility, and mountains of debt.

But a great credit score can change lives, especially with important long-term goals like securing a housing mortgage or getting the best possible repayment plan on your big purchases. Despite this, there are very few credit-building alternatives.

Enter Extra. Our mission is to create a safer, more accessible credit experience with the ease and predictability of a debit card. With Extra, you can relax as you work towards your long-term goals and avoid the pitfalls and traps of a credit card—no credit checks, no interest rates, and no hidden fees.

Why good credit is actually important?

Getting a lot of the nice things in life depend heavily on your credit score. Lenders use your credit score to help determine whether to approve you for a line of credit as well as what interest rate and terms they can offer you. Having a higher credit score means that you’ll generally pay lower interest rates on things like a car lease or a mortgage for a house—planning for your financial future starts with building your credit score.

How does Extra work?

First, you connect your bank account with Extra and we give you a spending limit based on your real-time balance, meaning you can only spend what you have.

Every time you swipe your Extra Debit Card, we spot you for the purchase and automatically pay ourselves back the next business day.

At the end of each month, we add up all of your purchases and report them to the major credit bureaus (like Equifax and Experian) as credit-worthy payments!

And there you have it, a debit card that builds credit. ✨

How much does Extra Cost?

Most credit-building products make money from steep interest rates, hidden fees, and by selling your personal data—especially the "free" cards.

At Extra, we don't think that's right. That's why we charge a flat monthly subscription instead, with our lowest plan starting at $7/month! And with 1% cashback on all purchases, the Extra Debit Card literally pays for itself.

This way you can focus on building credit and working towards long-term goals with the money you actually have, without worrying about things like data mining, steep interest rates, or hidden fees.

What makes Extra different than other debit cards?

Most debit cards don’t offer rewards everywhere you swipe and have no ability to build or establish credit. Extra is the first debit card that lets you earn both in real-time. We give you the best parts of a credit card while only spending the money that you actually have. Big banks don't do this with their debit cards because they want to up-sell you into a credit card, which makes them more money.